New in Training


VB CAD, Inc. has formed a strategic partnership with Cybertek Training Centers to provide On-Line Training.

This Live On-Line version of training offers all of the benefits of in-person training with the advantages of being trained from the comfort and convenience of your own office or workspace.

On-line training is scheduled once per week.  This allows students time between training sessions to practice and apply what they have learned.






New in Webinars


Good, accurate, and timely information is hard to come by these days. With millions of web page results on search engines, how do you know which website, conference, book, or resource will give you what you need in the condensed format you need it in?  We hear you.  We feel the same way.

We have created Webinars that give you exactly what you need and only what you need.  They are targeted to specific audiences so Executives don't have to sit through hours of technical jargon just to glean the five bullet points they need to make decisions.

Once you have the information you need from our Webinars, additional depth may be needed. That's where Training comes in.






New in Books


VB.NET For AutoCAD 2010
Level 1 Is Finally Released!!!

It isn't the same book with a different cover.  A great deal of it has been re-written.  And code has been updated to incorporate the latest programming techniques and best practices.  And it's available in three 'flavors'.

  • Hard Copy with Non-Printable PDF

  • Non-Printable PDF E-Book

  • Printable PDF E-Book



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