Level 1

  Our Level 1 Class is designed for people with little to no prior software development experience. Code Snippets are utilized heavily in this class so students can focus on the principles being taught instead of experiencing confusion and frustration related to typing in code character by character, line by line, trying to find syntax errors and typos.

Training days 1-3 are spent learning concepts, inserting and modifying code, and running exercises. These days provide the foundation necessary to begin writing code yourself from beginning a new project to compiling a project for distribution.

Training day 4 is a project day where students work on projects of their own while being mentored by the instructor. Student response indicates this is the most valuable day because their specific questions are answered and they are given guidance on projects of their own.

Duration: 4 Days


VBA Migration

  We have known for a couple of years now that VBA was on its way out. Microsoft stopped issuing new licenses of VBA in July of 2007. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways AutoCAD VBA projects can be migrated into VB.NET.

During training days 1-3, students are exposed to numerous VBA to VB.NET Migration techniques and scenarios focusing on the specific AutoCAD / VBA programming APIs as well as making the most of the .NET API. Students are shown ways to utilize their existing code as well as techniques and procedures proven to speed comprehensive ‘rewrites’ in VB.NET.

Project Day, Training day 4, gives students the opportunity to ask questions specific to their VBA migration tasks. Whether they need help getting started or pushing through a complex migration issue, they will have the help of an expert so they return to work not only educated but having started their migration.

Duration: 4 Days


VBA Migration
To C#

  Although migration out of VBA tends to move in the direction of VB.NET, we know there are many who choose to migrate into C#. And although there are differences between VB.NET syntax and C# syntax, they are both making use of the .NET Framework and nearly all of the migration issues dealt with in VB.NET are the same as those for C#.

As with the VBA > VB.NET Migration training, training days 1-3 deal with migration techniques and scenarios but with the goal of migrating VBA code into C#.

Project Day, also day 4, is filled with student-specific questions, answers, and guidance of student-focused migration projects.

Duration: 4 Days


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