VBA Migration
To C#

  Although migration out of VBA tends to move in the direction of VB.NET, we know there are many who choose to migrate into C#. And although there are differences between VB.NET syntax and C# syntax, they are both making use of the .NET Framework and nearly all of the migration issues dealt with in VB.NET are the same as those for C#.

As with the VBA > VB.NET Migration training, training days 1-3 deal with migration techniques and scenarios but with the goal of migrating VBA code into C#.

Project Day, also day 4, is filled with student-specific questions, answers, and guidance of student-focused migration projects.

Duration: 4 Days



Salt Lake City, UT
June 11 - 14th, 2012


What Others are Saying
About VB CAD Training

  "Excellent job! Showed great patience and very helpful to all."

"Jerry is a great instructor who goes out of his way to help his students."

"Great instructor!! Stops to make sure everyone is caught up and then proceeds! Awesome!"


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