Executive Overview on
AutoCAD VBA Migration

  AutoCAD VBA Migration issues will affect your organization in a variety of ways. And although you do not need an in-depth technical discussion on these issues, an uninformed decision is not something you should have to make.

Join us for a 1-hour Executive Overview of AutoCAD VBA Migration topics ranging from timelines to deadlines, and utilizing in-house personnel to contracting out Migration projects.

Time will be reserved at the end of this Overview for Q&A so your specific questions can be answered.

This Webinar is presented in a non-technical, concise manner as we know your time is valuable. It is meant for Executives and Managers.

Duration: 1 Hour


Technical Briefing on
VBA > VB.NET Migration

  Our Executive Overview on AutoCAD VBA Migration provides Executives and Managers the information they need to know so they can make informed decisions on your company’s VBA Migration projects. That Webinar is intentionally non-technical. Not so with this Webinar.

This Webinar covers the in-depth technical issues related to AutoCAD VBA Migration into VB.NET. We will cover everything from development environments to distribution to security issues. But it doesn’t stop there.

We will discuss the fundamental differences in how VBA and VB.NET customizations are used by the user in AutoCAD. And Q&A time will be reserved for the end of the Webinar to ensure you get answers to your questions.

This Webinar is intended for IT Managers, IT Staff, CAD Managers, and AutoCAD Power Users.

Duration: 4 Hours


Technical Briefing on
VBA > C# Migration

  Our Technical Briefing on VBA to VB.NET Migration covers many of the same topics discussed in this Webinar. But, of course, this Webinar is focused on migrating VBA projects to C#.

Ultimately, VB.NET and C# projects compile down to the same Common Language Runtime code. And they both make use of the .NET Framework. But when migrating from VBA into C#, the migration techniques and options are different than they are for VB.NET.

This Webinar should be attended by IT Managers, IT Staff, CAD Managers, and AutoCAD Power Users.

Duration: 4 Hours


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